Hello church friends, this will be an active list for work and donations for camp this year.

       JOBS LIST 

  • Build new railing up to the office

  • Replace dry rotted beam outside of the chapel

  • Install new grass electric valves and timers

  • Fix broken railing around the lodge

  • Fix chimney Flue at lodge and bathhouse 

  • Replace shingle roofing with tin on three cabins

  • Paint donated bunk frames

  • Cut, split and stack firewood

  • Put together new bunks for basement

  • Paint new lines on basketball courts – paint provided 

  • Install new basketball backboards and rims

    Donation Opportunities

  • Earth-tone carpet remnants

  • Basketball backboards and rims

  • Coffee counter cabinet with legs

  • New  kitchen serving countertops

  • Twenty pieces of 20′, 2″ PVC pipe / 40 guage

  •  8  – 6″ recessed lights for chapel (T65)

  •  Purchase new twin mattresses

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